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There are several ways you can get in touch with us.  Please feel free to utilize the contact information below.


For Municipal Business Only.

Our Address

Manor Township Building
306 Byron Street
PO Box 144
McGrann, Pa 16236

T: 724-763-9215
F: 724-763-1896

W: http://www.manortownshippa.com

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For Police Business Only.

Emergencies  Dial: 911

Manor Township Police Department

306 Byron Street

PO Box 183

McGann, Pa. 16236

T: 724-763-9677

F: 724-763-1896

E: crobbinspd@manortownshippa.com

NOTE: The Township Secretary does not handle or discuss Police Business. You must speak to a Police Officer.