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Tax Collector's Office

The Tax Collector's Office will be closed until further notice.  You can mail payments or drop them in the box at her house.

Minutes and Agendas

Download the Board of Supervisor's meeting agendas and minutes.

Please browse our selection of meeting minutes and agendas.


Date Agenda Minutes
January 2020 Reorg Agenda 2nd meeting Reorg Regular 2nd mtg
February 2020 Agenda 2nd meeting Regular Mid-Month
March 2020 Agenda 2nd Meeting Regular Mid-Month
April 2020 Agenda Regular
May 2020 Agenda 2nd Meeting Special Regular
June 2020    
July 2020    
August 2020    
September 2020    
October 2020    
November 2020    
December 2020    


January 2021            
February 2021    
March 2021    
April 2021    
May 2021    
June 2021    
July 2021    
August 2021    
September 2021    
October 2021    
November 2021    
December 2021    

All files are in PDF format and can be read by download Adobe Reader at no cost.