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Tax Collection for Manor Township


  1. Whenever the last day of a period during which payment may be made at a discount or without penalty shall fall on a Saturday or Sunday or on any day made a legal holiday by the laws of this commonwealth or of the United States, Payment shall be considered timely if it is tendered or postmarked by the United States Postal Service on the succeeding secular or business day.

  2. The Law makes it clear that a deadline extension only applies to payments at "discount or without penalty" The penalty due date cannot be extended.

Valerie Huston, Tax Collector

201 Huston Road

Ford City, Pa. 16226

Phone_ 724-763-3008

  • No Drop Box Available

  • All Payments should be mailed USP​S.

  • Checks returned NSF will be assessed a $35.00 service charge, plus any collection fees.

Office Hours

March 5-8 thru May 10, 2024

Open Tues & Thurs 10-3pm

End of discount period, May 1 & 8 will be extra days from 10-3pm

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